Walkera QR W100 video streaming to PC

Walkera recently released a the new QR W100 FPV quadrocopter (see video for an review). What makes it stand out is that it uses WiFi for video transmission, making FPV very easy to set up, as you do not need a special FPV receiver.

When powered up the Quad will create a WiFi named WKxxxxxxxx, where xxxxxxxx is a random 8 digit number. Note that this is not a full fledged access-point – while multiple devices can connect to it, only the first one will get the video stream. So if you do not get any video, check your other devices.

Receiving with VLC

While in theory you could any WiFi capable device to receive the stream, Walkera unfortunately only has released an iOS app so far.
However as they are using a standard HTTP MJPEG for the video, one can use any video player, like VLC for receiving.

Connection settings for VLC
Connection settings for VLC

The address of the Quad is and the video is sent over port 7060, so the video URL is If you want to do FPV also make sure that you disable any buffering as it introduces latencies (1s by default in VLC)


You can also take pictures and record video with VLC – for this enable View -> Advanced Controls and the according buttons will appear in the UI

vlc recording

What is missing

Unfortunately VLC on android does not allow disabling network-caching or video recording, so you cant quite use the QR W100 with Android yet. Furthermore the iOS app also allows controlling the Quad over WiFi, which obviously requires more than a video player on the PC.