YouAmp 0.6 has grown

After several betas the final release of YouAmp 0.6 is almost there. You can find the current versions in the launchpad PPA for Ubuntu and in maemo-extras for N8x0.

YouAmp DesktopYouAmp Maemo

the new features are:

  • Playlists
  • Automatic Cover Download
  • Adding Files from anywhere, not just the music library (just drag and drop in Desktop version)
  • you can pay for YouAmp now

I would like to emphasise the last feature: make me a millionaire! No seriously – if you like YouAmp consider a small donation > 0,30€ (otherwise everything goes to paypal) which will help developing the program in my free-time. 😉

As I did not get into the Developers programme for the N900, I also accept unused discount codes – in case you would like to see YouAmp on the N900.