First serious YouAmp release for Desktop

YouAmp is yet another music player for Linux. But it is different than the other players as it is written by me! Here is a screenshot


if you are convinced by these outstanding features you can give it a try here. Do not be afraid if nothing happens on first startup as it will index your whole home directory which takes a while.

Basically this re-implements Tracker for music files – and indeed one of the features of this release is that I throw away Tracker. Although the Tracker devs never get tired of praising the cool new features they are implementing, their last stable release Tracker 0.6 is an unusable piece of crap. But I am actually looking forward to try out Tracker 0.7 once it gets an stable release for using it with YouAmp.

For those waiting for playlist in YouAmp on maemo: this release means they are not far away. The main purpose of the last release on maemo was basically to sync the code with the desktop version. Now it only needs some polish and UI love, so it works well on the small screen.