Another linux jerk down

As you surley know linux is crap, cobbled together by some amateurs. Well at least many trolls on the internet know. Sounds like prejudice and intentional offense, right?

Well, you probably heard of Jörg Schilling and the desaster with cdrtools – if not you can read it up here. The problem back then was that he (the author of cdrtools) changed the license to an GPL incompatible one ignoring the objections of the users.

And here comes the next one; Debian just decided to replace glibc by eglibc, because the maintainer of glibc, Ulrich Drepper, is.. lets say very uncooperative when it comes to patches. (just read the bugzilla reports linked in the announcement)

It is intresting that this guy alone could cause that glibc had to be forked. I mean this is really the core of every linux OS.

Probably the trolls on the internet are not completely wrong after all – sometimes the GPL not only allows to create free community around a project, but allows to free the project from its “community”.