YouMP is a small an light music player concentrating on playback capabilities and aiming at desktop integration for the Gnome desktop.

If you are interested in the Maemo specific version look here.

It is meant as an alternative to the all in one mediacenter applications, so you will not find video support or tag editing here. Instead I will try to keep the UI small and simple.

If the music title is displayed in red it means that no ReplayGain Information could be found and the default of -10db is being used.


  • intuitive music browsing
  • Album Art display
  • submission
  • Replaygain Support with smart replaygain mode selection
  • gapless playback
  • uses Tracker for searching
  • plays everything that Gstreamer understands
  • intuitive drag’n’drop


Currently there are no “regular” tarballs available, but there is a YouMP PPA for Ubuntu.


YouMP does not automatically download cover art – instead it looks for an image in the same folder as the current musc file. So if you want it to display the cover, you have to manually put it in the album folder.

While playing the music YouMP might display the song info in red; this indicates that the song does not contain any replaygain information, which are needed in order to normalise the volume. You can add replaygain information to your files using replaygain and vorbisgain on Linux or foobar2000 on Windows.

By default replaygain scanners normalize the volume to 89db – if you would like to change this to another value, use the Replaygain Preamp Slider in the preferences. Non normalized files are mostly around 100db, therefore YouMP applies by default a -10db amp to them – if you would like to change that use the No Replaygain Amp Slider in the preferences.


The player is written in Python using pygtk and pygst. You can find more information at Any contributions are welcome.

  • andy friedberg

    i think youamp works really well. i just wish i didn’t have to wait 20 seconds at each start up, while it updates my mp3 collection, to press shuffle again. does anyone know how to keep it in shuffle mode? – while i’m at it, the only other thing i’m missing is the ability to delete files in the application, which mediaplayer can do.

  • William

    Using YouAmp in my N800 and love it! I I just wish it can support m4a files…

  • ed


    how hard would it be to add a equalizer such as the one used in xxms

    cheers ed

  • russ

    I went to launchpad to get a copy of the code (repo distributes .pyo files) so I could start hacking this up for things like accessing NFS/samba shares, but the code repository is broken. No UI files are accessible here:

    @Pavel: Any chance you are still monitoring this page and can fix this, or point me to another location where the latest source is?

  • russ

    Ack – sorry… I posted on the wrong page. My post was Maemo specific and I’ll comment there. I’m unclear why I ended up posting on this page by accident. It likely has something to do with me being a doofus.

  • Leon

    on maemo, it seems to display all tracks when i click the all albums button, and then it displays all albums if i click the all artists button. It also doesn’t output ‘untitled’ in album view if an album has no name. If i click browse, it displays all artists when i would expect it to display everything.