Finally free voice/ video chat is there

Just 3 years after Google first released their Jingle extension for Jabber which they used in their GTalk application it is finally possible to use it on the open source desktop too. This is just 2 years after Nokia released their Linux/ Gnome based N800 internet tablet, which also supported it.

But now Jaunty got an update to the Empathy Messanger, which brought Voice/ Video support to it. So now you can finally do calls between two Empathy Clients, between Empathy and GTalk on Windows and even between Empathy and your now actually useful N800 and that regardless whether you are on 32bit or on 64bit – only requiring a Jabber account – no need for Skype any more.

and here is the proof screenshot:

Empathy and N800 chat

  • jo

    What capabilities must my server have?
    In other words, does it work without a GTalk account and with any Jabber account?

  • Mads

    When I can’t call or chat with my Skype friends this is useless to me

  • it works with any Jabber account on any Jabber server.

  • Yann

    Very good news!!!

    Thank you for all the work.
    I could already speak to GTalk accounts, with a quality better than with skype.
    Now, if the video works well, I can remove one proprietary software!

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  • muuh-gnu

    > When I can’t call or chat with my Skype friends this is useless to me

    DOnt forget that its actually Skype that doesnt ALLOW anybody to connect to it. So its not that you “can’t” connect to skype, you are not allowed to connect to skype, by skype. Enjoy your intrapment in restrictive proprietary environment. Sooner or later skype _WILL_ be obsoleted by free, interoperable systems and protocols, and maybe one of your friends will show more balls than you to encourage usage of free software.

  • …how many people can simultaniusly audio and video chat ?
    3 ?, 4 ?, 5 ,? more ?