Self written Blog Scripts are so uncool

So It finally happened; I ditched my self written Blog/ CMS in favour of WordPress. There were several reasons for doing so;

  • maintaining an CMS is quite time consuming, which I would rather spend on my other projects
  • my script was lacking behind featurewise; no OpenID support, no Trackbacks
  • if you use WordPress you get even features you have not thought of for free regulary
  • WordPress is easy to write plugins for
  • Everyone uses WordPress 😉

so I just converted my Website into a WordPress theme, wrote a plugin to correctly serve it as xhtml (hope wordpress will get this right on its own soon) and here we are.

The old content will be back over the days.

Ubuntu Hardy on ThinkPad T60

Actually the Lenovo ThinkPads are famous for working well with Linux, but a great part of that compability is due to using Intel components. So what if you get one of the models with Ati chipset and Atheros WLAN?


The version of madwifi in Ubuntu is too old to support the Atheros Chipset (AR5418 802.11abgn) and current svn is broken; you will see the networks, but you wont be able to connect.

To fix that you need will need to compile the svn trunk version. (just make && sudo make install)

there was a bug in trunk which draw it unusable after r3402, but it was fixed again so you can use trunk normally.

Graphics Drivers

You can get 2D acceleration with both radeon and radeonhd drivers, but if you want to have 3D Acceleration, you will need fglrx, which is actually not that bad at all in the current version(8.3), you just have to enable

  • Textured Video to accelerate Video playback
  • Textured 2D to use the new 2D acceleration architecture

there is TexturedXRender too, but it is still quite buggy, so I would not recommend that.

to do so add the following lines to the Device Section of your xorg.conf:

Option    "TexturedVideo"
Option    "Textured2D"

this greatly improves 2D performance – the 3D performance is good since several releases already.