YouAmp nightly builds available

If you still remember my small and lightweight media player called YouAmp, you might wonder why there were no recent versions available for an up-to date Ubuntu…

First of all I was quite short on time to spend on the project and pushing an version in a PPA for all supported Ubuntu is quite time consuming. As for me, I still used the karmic version in maverick, which is quite some hack.

Fortunately there is now a package autobuilder available on Launchpad, which automatically builds the current bazaar version and puts it in a PPA. The first benefit of this is that YouAmp is now available for Lucid, Maverick and even Natty through my PPA.

The second benefit is that you get the new features as soon as I implement them, as the package gets updated on every code change :D. And therefore there is already something new in the available packages:

  • support for the Application Indicators (necessary for Natty)
  • clicking on the timescale now jumps to the location instead of just doing a step