Going back to Intrepid

Well Jaunty is really great; the new Xorg with the improved EXA just flies here on the radeon driver. Compiz now just flies – no more jerky scrolling like with fglrx.

And then there is already ext4 with support in grub, so I promptly converted all my partitions to ext4 since I wanted to get rid of the long drawn out fsck. What turned out not so cool, since ext4 needs the inode size of 256 in order to store the additional checksums for the fast fsck, but if you convert from ext3 you most likely have only 128byte long inodes, so no fast fsck for me… 🙁

Then I realized that – altough great – OSS drivers just suck for 3D and fglrx did a far better job here. And since I need OpenGL for work, I decided to go back to Intrepid.

Well I have just to wipe root and reinstall Intrepid there, since I was so clever to create a separate /home – but wait my /home is ext4 now! And Intrepid was not yet able to handle ext4. ouch!

In case you were saying “just like me” while reading up to now, here is the solution: you can take just the kernel out of the jaunty repository and use it with intrepid to mount /home. Everything plays nice with the foreign kernel 🙂

You can even do this on purpose to get ext4 support in Intrepid, but well, just dont.