Gnome and NFS

when it comes to folder sharing in a local network and Linux, you have basically the choice between samba and NFS. While samba is the better choice when you have also windows machines on the network, NFS should be the choice when the network is homogeneously Linux, since it is much easier to configure and directly maps user-ids and permissions on the remote machine.

One might think, that that native Linux filesystem should have good GUI tool coverage, but amazingly there are absolutely no tools for setting up NFS in Gnome, while accessing a Samba share is just a few clicks away. In order to set up NFS one still has to manually edit the fstab and manually mount the directory in the console. Neither Nautilus nor gnome-volume-manager give you a hand here.

Even though the tools you need are already there; you can already advertise NFS through Avahi/ Zeroconf and make it automatically show up on OSX – all it takes is to make Nautilus recognise this and automount the share in the /media/ folder.

So lets vote here and hope that the situation improves.