Intruducing Teatime

Since Unity does not support panel-applets any more, I also could not use timer-applet, which I used as an egg-timer. After several 30min “brewed” teas, I finally decided that I needed an replacement. So I started writing Tea Time.

Tea Time: Main Window

Instead of just porting timer-applet to the indicators API, I wrote Tea Time as an ordinary program and use the features of Unity instead, so I could take at the new APIs along the way.

Besides I think that porting every possible applet from gnome2 to the indicators API is not the way to go. The top-right of my screen is pretty cramped again already and one really does not need to see the timer information all the time. I hope Unity will get a Dashboard similar to the one in OSX soon, as this is really the place where most of the applets belong. But for the time being I used the Unity launcher.

When a timer is running, a progress bar is displayed

So when you click on Start Timer Tea Time minimises to the launcher instead of the notification area and starts displaying a progress bar. I also added the time elapsed since the timer finished to the notification bubble.

The notification also tells you how long the tea has already waited for you

So in case you miss the first notification(did not look at the PC for instance), you now instantly see whether you can still drink your tea or whether you can instantly pour it away.

Tea Time is available from this PPA.

The nicest thing is that all of this fits into just about 250 lines of python. πŸ™‚

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  • Jan Nekvasil

    What a nice app! I suggest to use Tea Time launcher’s quicklist to quickly select from preconfigured presets. Also the possibility to play a sound when time’s up would be nice.

  • Guest

    I love it. However for me it looks terrible, not at all like in the screenshot. Complains about canberra-gtk-module, but that’s already installed. Any idea?

    • Anonymous

      it using GTK3 on your system. You could unintstall “gir1.2-gtk-3.0” – nothing should depent on that. Meanwhile I can look into how to force a specific GTK version..

  • Guest

    Could you consider creating a project on launchpad? It’d provide a way to translate it.

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  • Timo Schneemann

    Thank you a lot! Nice little thing. I really need something like that for not to forget the pasta. πŸ˜‰ Any plans to add a standard (some old steam engine whistle πŸ™‚ )or even customizable sound when a countdown is finished?
    These are the small things why I love my Ubuntu.

  • msw

    It is worth noting that the package name is “teatime-unity” as apt installing “teatime” on Natty will pull natty/universe teatime 2.8.0. which is a Gnome 2 panel applet.

    • Glaasje

      Oops :3
      thanks for the tip!

  • Hello, I installed teatime from your PPA, but I can’t find it in the Applications dash. There’s no app called teatime. How do I find that?

    • Anonymous

      the package is called teatime-unity. you probably installed teatime – which is an old gnome2 applet.

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  • Mateus Dias

    Any chance of Pause/Start options?

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  • wschmid

    It’s nice, thanks! But in my unity there is neither any icon nor a progress bar… am I doing something wrong or might this be a bug?

    • Anonymous

      first you have to be running unity. it does not work with the classical gnome session. But then it should be available in the applications menu. The progress bar only appears once you start a timer.

  • aaylnx

    I installed it, but how do you get it to start?

    • Anonymous

      first you have to be running unity. it does not work with the classical gnome session. But then it should be available in the applications menu.

  • This is one of the most simple, beautiful applications I have ever used. No more over steeping! Thank you so much!

  • Guest

    How this should work? I doubleclick on the ”New entry’ row and nothing is happening. The ‘Start Timer’ button is disabled.
    Ubunu 11.10

    • Anonymous

      thats a bug in the 11.10 version – will upload a fixed version asap

    • Anonymous

      that bug is fixed now πŸ™‚

      • Guest

        Thanks! It works now

  • Guest

    There is an issue with Tea Timer under Gnome 3 Classic. The application doesn’t recognize a window pop-up when a time period has expired and continues to alarm every N seconds until you explicitly maximize its window.

  • Captain Awesome

    Love it – just one thing. It doesn’t seem to accept times higher than 59 minutes! πŸ™

  • Buick

    unfortunately it isn’t usable under Ubuntu 12.04 anymore. Can we expect a update soon?


  • Fervid Vervet

    Top teatime tip: I like to set up a timer called “My body”. Then when it’s finished, I get a message saying “My body is ready”, as if this guy is talking to me: .

  • Jamie

    Any way to view the time remaining by hovering over the launcher icon? Perhaps display it in a notification bubble would be great.

  • Ashwin Nanjappa

    In this blog post you show it running from the Panel. How do I get it into the panel? It only runs in Launcher on my Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

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  • pietro demonte

    any way to customize the sound?

  • Jan Iac

    hey.. I like your nifty tool !

  • doodledee

    Is there a way to customiz app, like sounds when the timer is off, or repetiting a reminder in a loop for 8 hrs a day ?

  • What a great timer app. Thank you very much! Particularly the ability to create and persistently save custom timers is very useful!



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  • Shannon Bay

    Would like to see multiple timers set for a single tea – eg time to dunk, time to remove, time to start drinking. So phases basically…

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