Handheld based interaction using AR

it is time for the next demo of my project, as I reached the beta status. (feature complete) I think you can see quite clearly now where this is going and which kind of interactions will be possible using this technique. The concrete features are described in the annotations.

If you use more advanced tracking methods and add some physics to this, you could easily port numpty physics to this kind of interaction or create an easy to use level editor. In case you missed my last video, here is the link.

It will still take some weeks until this hits maemo-extras as there are still some bugs left and I still want to get rid of keyboard use for interaction.

  • Stephane

    Really impressive stuff !
    You must have a pretty good image/form recognition algorithm, to be able to detect the orientation of your mark in space.

  • D. Moonfire

    Awesome little demo. BTW, what song is that?

  • bill

    @D. Moonfire: I think this song is from a guy called Parov Stellar. Maybe this is the song “Charleston Butterfly”, but I am not definitely sure.

  • the song is “Gry & FM Einheit – Princess Crocodile”

  • steve

    Is this still being worked on or in is it in maemo extras yet? As i think it would be a really interesting thing to use to show of the power of the n900.

  • tartiflette

    Hi, i installed arapp packages on my n900. I can see the video,but i don’t know what pattern I should print. Could you give me some pointers ? (and thx for this amazing job)

  • here you go – but there will be a blog post about it on the front page too..

  • tartiflette

    works like charm, thanks