YouMP (Maemo)

YouMP is my music player project. It started out of pure interest, but after I got me a N800 which lacks a decent build-in music player I started porting it to Maemo.

It is meant as an alternative to the spiffy UI centric players like UKMP or Canola and thus it concentrates on the playback capabilities.

Currently the startup time is a bit high and on first startup it will scan your SD cards for music files, which might take a while.

If the music title is displayed in red it means that no ReplayGain Information could be found and the default of -10db is being used.


  • Music browser
  • Cover Art Display
  • submission
  • Searchable database
  • Replaygain Support
  • smart Replaygain mode selection
  • mp3, ogg, wma, m4a playback
  • controllable with RPC


YouMP is now in the Maemo extras repository, so you can easily install it using the package manager. Alternativley you can use the one click install link below

Install YouAmp

Notes for Using

At the first start YouMP will scan your SD cards for music files and add them to its music library. This will take some time, depending on how many music files you have. Dont worry subsequent starts will be much faster, since it only looks for changes then.

YouMP does not automatically download cover art – instead it looks for an image in the same folder as the current musc file. So if you want it to display the cover, you have to manually put it in the album folder.

While playing the music YouMP might display the song info in red; this indicates that the song does not contain any replaygain information, which are needed in order to normailize the volume. You can add replaygain information to your files using replaygain and vorbisgain on Linux or foobar2000 on Windows.

By default replaygain scanners normalize the volume to 89db – if you would like to change this to another value, use the Replaygain Preamp Slider in the preferences. Non normalized files are mostly around 100db, therefore YouMP applies by default a -10db amp to them – if you would like to change that use the No Replaygain Amp Slider in the preferences.

Timed +/- Buttons

as the D-Pad is not accessible without the keyboard on the N810, the volume buttons(+/-) have a second functionality. If you press and hold them longer than 1s they will switch songs instead.

Playing OGG-Vorbis Files

to play OGG-Vorbis files you have to make sure that the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ivorbis package is installed.


if you want to control the player with the console, you can use the following D-Bus calls:

  • net.rojtberg.yoump.toggle
  • net.rojtberg.yoump.prev


The player is written in Python using pygtk and pygst. You can find the more information at Any contributions are welcome.