YouMP (Maemo)

YouMP is my music player project. It started out of pure interest, but after I got me a N800 which lacks a decent build-in music player I started porting it to Maemo.

It is meant as an alternative to the spiffy UI centric players like UKMP or Canola and thus it concentrates on the playback capabilities.

Currently the startup time is a bit high and on first startup it will scan your SD cards for music files, which might take a while.

If the music title is displayed in red it means that no ReplayGain Information could be found and the default of -10db is being used.


  • Music browser
  • Cover Art Display
  • submission
  • Searchable database
  • Replaygain Support
  • smart Replaygain mode selection
  • mp3, ogg, wma, m4a playback
  • controllable with RPC


YouMP is now in the Maemo extras repository, so you can easily install it using the package manager. Alternativley you can use the one click install link below

Install YouAmp

Notes for Using

At the first start YouMP will scan your SD cards for music files and add them to its music library. This will take some time, depending on how many music files you have. Dont worry subsequent starts will be much faster, since it only looks for changes then.

YouMP does not automatically download cover art – instead it looks for an image in the same folder as the current musc file. So if you want it to display the cover, you have to manually put it in the album folder.

While playing the music YouMP might display the song info in red; this indicates that the song does not contain any replaygain information, which are needed in order to normailize the volume. You can add replaygain information to your files using replaygain and vorbisgain on Linux or foobar2000 on Windows.

By default replaygain scanners normalize the volume to 89db – if you would like to change this to another value, use the Replaygain Preamp Slider in the preferences. Non normalized files are mostly around 100db, therefore YouMP applies by default a -10db amp to them – if you would like to change that use the No Replaygain Amp Slider in the preferences.

Timed +/- Buttons

as the D-Pad is not accessible without the keyboard on the N810, the volume buttons(+/-) have a second functionality. If you press and hold them longer than 1s they will switch songs instead.

Playing OGG-Vorbis Files

to play OGG-Vorbis files you have to make sure that the gstreamer0.10-plugins-ivorbis package is installed.


if you want to control the player with the console, you can use the following D-Bus calls:

  • net.rojtberg.yoump.toggle
  • net.rojtberg.yoump.prev


The player is written in Python using pygtk and pygst. You can find the more information at Any contributions are welcome.

  • DSS

    Great media player. Every time a new version of Canola, Kagu and so forth come out I always try them for a while. Then I get frustrated with their lack of basic music managing/browsing/playing capabilities or simply their load time and return to YouAmp. I can simply start YouAmp and press play to start the music I had loaded last – I can’t do that in Canola. I can locate any song I want to hear easily in YouAmp without blowing away my whole playlist – I can’t do that in Kagu. Canola I use to demo the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries, YouAmp I use to listen to music. The only things I would like to see is support for maemoscrobbler and the ability to create/manage playlists.

  • First impression is very favourable. YouAmp seems to offer the functionality I want without the bloat of some of the other players. It seems to scan for new files much quicker than the standard media-player’s backend, which is a bonus. As long as it doesn’t wipe out my battery when I leave it loaded but not running (something Canola and most other players seem to do) it’s going to become my standard music player.

    One small enhancement I’d find useful would be to have a way to restrict where it scans for files. That way I could have other audio files on my device for other things that wouldn’t appear on the playlist. But this is a very minor thing…

  • I like this fast player but for me it is a problem that only sd-cards as media are supported.
    I have a huge number of mp3s that are available on my samba server (I can access the file system from my n800
    without problems) and I also want to play music from my usb hard disk from time to time which also can be accessed via n800. But I did not find any player on n800 with database support that shows these “folders” in their setup menus.
    It would be great if the available media-sources could be configured in this program.

  • deleted all bugreport & feature request comments, since they don’t really belong here.

  • i downloaded 2 days ago you amp but still didn’t understand how works the ‘’ feature. i inserted the login name and password but it’s always disconnected. please let me know

  • try starting it from the console – maybe you entered the wrong account information. Next version will tell you that info from the preferences menu.

  • Kevin B.

    Thanks for creating this app. Much more responsive than the built-in media player. Simple and easy to use UI, just like it should be. πŸ™‚ You actually make my life difficult because part of what I’m supposed to be doing is testing the built-in media player, but I really prefer to use YouAmp. πŸ˜‰

    My only big request would be for playlists, but I see you already have that on your ToDo list. The ability to sort by “title” (when doing all artists/all songs) would also be very nice to help me find a single song, but I can live without that. Oh, being able to not show the Album column (or being able to pick what columns are shown) would be really nice. Hopefully the suggestions are useful to you.


  • Doug

    Love this app. I have downloaded and used on the fancy applications (e.g.; Kagu and Canola). But I keep returning to YouAmp because it loads quickly, is solid and I can quickly get to the music I want.
    HELP: This past week I can’t seem to get YouAmp to run any longer. I tried to re-download an Install from your page ( ‘Click to Install’ link above) however it reports Failed Catalogs (Anderende Repository and Linuxvision Package repository). I get a 404 when it is looking for files at these two locations. Is there an alternate location?
    I am using a N800 running OS2008 Ver 2.2007.50-2


  • Alex Lukin

    Great soft! Thank you very much. Could you please fix cyrillic? And it would be very nice to be able to just browse and load files like old xamp does.
    Not all mp3 have right tags so it is very unconvinient to search and play them.


    is there any chance for youamp to get streaming support, like say from shoutcast or icecast?


    oh and maybe develop a desktop version? πŸ˜‰

  • once I get the playlist support done, streaming will be no problem. But currently I am busy refactoring the code.
    But there already is a desktop version you can try in my PPA.

  • Shade

    Maybe FLAC support? It will be great. And switch off & block screen when playing function.

  • william

    Can YouAmp remember the position of the clip it was playing when leaving the app? It will be very useful when listening lengthy clips (e.g. audiobooks, talks, podcasts).

  • Sergey

    I change sources and now youamp play via a2dp.
    Will be nice add this code to official sources.
    Also need to add ogg support.

  • Cotie Jones

    I saw someone that wished the app. could mount a samba server automatically. That would be great, but nearly as great would be if youamp had firefly/daapd support as did Rhythmbox. Or does it have it already? If not, was there any particular reason why it was omitted? Thanks.

  • ed

    hi -how is the playlist coming on-great player-the best of the bunch

  • it already works in the desktop version – basically it is just a matter of backporting in to maemo πŸ™‚

  • ed

    hi pavel

    how hard would that be to do-i do not have much programning experience but use youamp everyday and playlists would save me a lot of time arranging my music

  • well it depends on how to merge the codebases. The problem is that the codebase for desktop/ frementale is quite different then for diablo. The best thing would be if I could just develop for Mer, but thats not ready jet. But I have some spare time now, so I can work on it πŸ™‚

  • ed

    that would be great-everyone seems to be abandoning the n810 apps which is a pity because the n900 is useless with its small screen

  • Dmitriy

    It’s pretty player and I want to request you to make some VERY important improvement, especially for nokia n810 users: because n810 doesn’t have a lot of buttons (i don’t mean a hidden qwerty).
    So we have to use a Volume (Zoom) buttons:

    Short press – louder(+) or quieter(-). (as it is right now)
    A long press (longer than a second) the volume button β€œ+” rewind the song forward (if you press when you play), or play (if the player was in pause mode)
    A long press (longer than a second) to press the volume β€œ-” switch to pause mode (if you click on playback), the second long press – plays song from the beginning
    Pressing the volume keys β€œ-” or β€œ+” longer than 2 seconds – switch to previous song or next song.

    I sorry for my English.
    I hope you will make this for n810 users, bacause it’s tooooo difficult to switch the song just by hand in your pocket, you have to look on the screen each time you want to switch the song…

  • thanks for the suggestion. That should be an easy to do change. I will try to integrate it in the next release

  • Dmitriy

    Thanks a lot! I am glad that you support the project and listen to users, it’s great!
    Looking forward to next release.

  • sssaaa

    Love your program Pavel. Any chance of an N900 version? Please.

  • depends on whether I get a N900 – I applied for PUSH, lets see…

  • sssaaa

    Well, here’s hoping you get one.

  • yukop4

    hi pavel -how is the playlists coming on-any idea of next release

    cheers ed

  • playlists still need some UI adaptation so they work on the Maemo. ETA is hard to say – depends on how bored I am. A christmas present maybe? Maybe earlier… πŸ˜‰

  • yukop4

    that would be nice-i tried quasar out -nice ui but too many buttons and gadgets-keep it simple is my motto-

  • ed

    hi pavel

    received a update on my n810 yesterday -any idea as to what it was or does


  • it contains the first batch of changes necessary for playlists together with the feature requested by dimitry above. You can now use the +/- buttons for switching songs πŸ™‚

  • Dmitriy

    Hey, YouAmp became much better with advanced volume buttons! Can you make FullScreen button like play/pause? I really don’t think somebody use FullScreen mode of YouAmp. Anyway, you can make a “virtual” FS button instead hardware button.

    Thanks a lot!

  • ed

    hi pavel just received the 2nd update and youamp shows loading but does not open-is this part of the plan


  • not really – you should not have extras-devel enabled all the time. The second update is broken. But just to be sure it is a known bug: could you open it from the console and look for the last error message?

  • ed

    hi no luck tried disable ex devil -the update is 1.6.0~beta1-1 but when i install it nothing happens ed

  • ed

    hi flashed my n810 and now youamp does not install at all-any ideas ed

  • Alan

    I can’t get Youamp to launch on my N800 πŸ™

    ~ $ youamp-player
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/youamp-player”, line 3, in
    import youamp.controller
    File “debian/youamp/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/youamp/”, line 7, in
    ImportError: No module named dbus
    ~ $

    I’ve tried reflashing the device and reformating the SD cards.

  • ed

    ~ $ youamp-player
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/bin/youamp-player”, line 3, in
    import youamp.controller
    File “debian/youamp/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/youamp/”, line 39, in
    OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/media/mmc1/.media-art’
    ~ $

  • guys, do not enable extras-devel. There is a reason I did not promote the package yet. For recovery:

    • uninstall youamp
    • disable extras-devel
    • refresh package list
    • install youamp

    this will get you back to version 0.5.91. Current in extras-devel is 0.6.0~beta1, which is buggy.

  • Dmitriy

    Somebody shared this buggy 0.6.0~beta1 to over repos, so i accidentally installed it.
    I don’t know what repos consist it (Extras-Devel disabled), but what i did: i launched Youamp from the Terminal (like root). And after it it started work correctly from the Personal Launcher or from menu.
    Sorry for my English.

  • ed

    youamp is looking good-got the new updates-album covers and playlist-what more could a man want -well done for delivering the goods

  • Dmitriy

    Hi, Pavel!
    Do you know about the Headphone daemon which stops playing music if headphones pulled out? It works like in iPod.
    This program works with build-in player, but not with YouAmp.
    Can you add this future to YouAmp?

    Best regards,

  • Sergey

    I use youamp 0.5.6. on maemo diablo.
    I modified it to user a2dp.
    youamp was controlled via dbus
    I upgraded youamp to 0.6.0~beta4-1
    Now get error:

    dbus-send –print-reply –dest=net.rojtberg.youamp /net/rojtberg/youamp net.rojtberg.youamp.toggle
    Error net.rojtberg.youamp.error.toggle: There are some exceptions in callback.

    Can you comment?

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  • Hi, I’m using 0.6.0 on OS2008. I love youamp, but I noticed it organises and plays the tracks in reverse order ie. [10..01] and I haven’t been able to figure out how to change this. It’s annoying when you are listening to the chapters in an audio book for example.

    • Anonymous

      seems like a bug as the database should put the tracks in correct order. It might take a while until I can take a look at this…