Augmented Reality on the N900

finally I reached a stage where I could upload my small augmented reality app to extras-devel, so all those who asked for it can now play with it. But be aware that it is in extras-devel for a reason. In case you are wondering what I am writing about, here is a video of the demo:

in order to make it work, you will have to print the artoolkitplus markers. Furthermore there are these controls:

  • scale the objects using the volume buttons
  • select one of the objects for scaling by tapping on it
  • tapping on the palette symbol triggers annotating by drawing on the screen
  • tapping on the sun symbol fixes the sun to the current device position
  • once fixed the shadows can be rotated using the arrow keys
  • Cootje

    Thank you for making this public! Great work!

  • ViperHost

    Thx! this app amazed all of my co-workers. 🙂

  • jeez

    are you using Artoolkit and/or OpenCV? Are these packages available for Maemo 5 also?

  • I am using artoolkitplus, which I also packaged for maemo5.

  • Bec


    Where do we get more markers? I only see two houses…

  • there are no more markers yet – maybe in a later update..

  • anonymous

    Interesting there was one of these markers in the back of the Metro free newspaper (UK) today but ARapp did not seem to pick up anything from the picture in the newspaper… but i had the other 2 markers from this web site working nearby

    Here is an online copy of the paper, goto to back page (page 60) and there it is.

    Basically the advert in that page takes to the following page:

    might be of interest to some of you
    by the way enter some fake data if you dont want to give your real details

  • yams

    Hey awesome work, really excited about more people taking on and applying the technique! Just tried it out, here are some issues (that you’re probably aware of):
    Sometimes the video is very green; the markers can be pretty jumpy; and I can’t seem to fix new sun positions, as in when i press the sun icon, the shadow is not repositioned.

    Thanks again!

  • yams

    disregard the shadows issue.

  • Matt

    That is very cool! Thanks for publishing your work =)

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  • Yo, first of all awesome what you’re doing. I already saw an early demonstration-video and i’m really curious to try this on my N900.

    The Problem is that it’s not working. This should be no offense at all, just to let you know. The app is trying to load when I launch it from the menu, and when i manually start it with /opt/arapp/ from the terminal, i can see that it loads casa.obj and farm.obj and then it segfaults…

    If I’m making any sense, and you’re interested in solving the problem with me, you can contact me via mail 😉

  • uncle.sam

    It works once, then after trying again, the app just closes itself. After restarting it works again for one time only.
    Cool app!!

  • asdf

    doesnt work at my phone….just freeze.

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  • TomaszD

    Kudos to you, it works fine here from the desktop shortcut every time provided the lens cover is always open, although sometimes Live Focus jumps into the foreground. Great job, waiting for some more markers support to dust off my printer again.

  • Dave

    works perfect. very nice demonstration of Augmented reality.

    were can you find more markers? I got two houses when i printed the PDF and no tree.

  • I intentionally left out the tree as it kills performance. So currently only the available two markers are recognised. Maybe I will eventually add a configuration file where you can specify your own models..

  • m0rglbl

    Good job !

    Levelhead would be great on N900 :

  • Willem


    With me it works realy nice!
    Im working with AR for a while now sow i know how it works
    But where can i store my own objects?
    Sow i can see my home made object in 3ds max?


  • basiaf

    can’t run it… segfaults on start after loading 2 .obj files
    (maemo5, pr1.2)

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  • Marcus

    I am having the same error as Basiaf. Segmentation fault.

  • I am a new Nokia n900 user from india, i need to have some aid from ur all, how can i use skype in my mobile phone exactly where it truly is not showing the pre installed application. nevertheless i m not in a position to use aMSN in my cell phone whn ever i m installing it, it saying unable to set up as some installer files are missing please inform how can i use yahoo voice and video calls and msn voice and video calls and most crucial skype.

  • DrV

    I have same problem as Marcus, Basiaf and igot2b. How to solve this problem? Thanks

  • Daneel

    Run it as root from xterm and it wont segfault but i think this is fixed in the latest version of the app.
    Nice job Pavel, i hope you haven’t abandoned it 🙂